Dojo Membership Fees
Our Dojo Membership Fees are charged at AUD $33 per month.  http://www.oanda.com/converter/classic

This gives you access to all classes for a rolling 4 week period. New classes are added each week while the older classes are removed. By consistent training you’ll be exposed to all the techniques that you need to learn for your next belt.

Appointments via phone or streaming can be made with a Sensei to provide you support and feedback. An initial 30 minute session is free. A fee applies for additional appointments.

Kyu Rank Tests
These cost AUD $165 per assessment, the lowest ranked examiners are 4th Dan Iwama Ryu Aikido holders.

These are preferably done using video conferencing software. Alternately, video footage can be submitted.

Dan Tests
In order to issue an Iwama Ryu Aikido Dan Rank we need to assess you in the flesh. Therefore Dan Ranks can be done in Melbourne Australia by Michael Shaw Sensei. The cost for this Registration & Certificate is AUD $220.

Alternatively you can do an Online Iwama Ryu Aikido Dan Test however these do not hold as high a commendation as our ‘In person’ ranks – they are provisional. For those who are unable to travel to Melbourne they are a good option. The cost for our Online Iwama Ryu Aikido Dan Test is AUD $165.