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Chris Noller
4th Dan Black Belt

Pioneer Student of Field Aikido Distance Training Program.
Started training with no martial arts experience.
Began teaching others as a white belt.
Trained under Field Sensei 1992 – 2018.
First grading 1993 (5th Kyu).
Promoted to Yondan (4th Degree Black Belt) in 2012.
Head Instructor of Grampians Aikido.

Steve Ryan
3rd Dan Black Belt

Started distance training and instruction after moving to Indonesia in 1996.
Trained under Field Sensei 1993 – 2018.
Opened a dojo in Indonesia in 2010.

Stu Mathieson

Stuart Mathieson
1st Dan Black Belt

“Living halfway between Melbourne and Adelaide in Victoria, Australia, I have been able to train for the past 10 years in Iwama Ryu Aikido.

I am four hours drive from Melbourne but by training locally with my Senpai Glenn Rudolph and Sensei Chris Noller combined with attending Melbourne Seminars conducted by Michael Field Sensei and Iwama Ryu Australia, I have been able to study, train and progress  over the past decade.

Distance Learning has been pioneered and refined over many years by Chris Noller Sensei.

When I started training by distance, the immediate impression was that here was a discernible and genuine syllabus being faithfully transmitted in a traditional format.

It was not until many years later that I came to appreciate the value and nature of faithful “transmission”.

The clear transmission of Saito Sensei’s syllabus that was a primary focus in Field Sensei’s teaching is being continued directly by Michael Shaw Sensei in Melbourne and via the online dojo.

Michael Field Sensei was always very welcoming and supportive to all his students and made particular efforts to support and encourage students who persisted with distance training.

Melbourne based Sensei’s have also always welcomed and supported us whenever we could get time to train in their Dojos.

The welcoming nature, rigorous syllabus and faithful transmission of Iwama Ryu Aikido is being continued by Michael Field Sensei’s technical heir, Michael Shaw Sensei.”

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