Dojo Rules

Student Commitments:
Riai – Iwama Ryu Aikido is a Riai, an integrated martial arts system comprising of Bujitsu, the techniques, Budo, the code of conduct, and Bushin, the heart and mind. All three must be practiced in an Aikido school in the tradition left to us by the founder, Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei.

Students are required to agree to the following:

  • To be open to learn, and improve in all three areas of the Riai.
  • To practice in a personally safe manner while respecting the level of experience of training partners.
  • To read, consider and sign the Iwama Ryu Aikido Indemnity Form.
  • Maintain a high level of personal hygiene.
  • To do Iwama Ryu Aikido Online Dojo classes an average of at least twice per week.
  • To maintain and make proper use of all Aikido equipment.
  • Not to use Aikido techniques unethically and or illegally inside or outside the dojo.
  • Not to bring Iwama Ryu Aikido Online Dojo into disrepute through their words or actions.
  • Not to make unwanted or illegal advances towards other students.