Legal Indemnity

By signing up as a member of you agree to the legal indemnity below.

AIKIDO is a martial art and hence certain traditions and principles must be understood and observed at all times.  The practice of Aikido involves an element of danger and unpredictability.  Permanent and serious injury could possibly result from your participation in Aikido practice, including injury resulting in death.

You hereby recognise and agree that:

  • You acknowledge that the practice of Aikido could produce serious and permanent injury to you and/or another person which may result in restriction of movement or partial or permanent paralysis, quadriplegia or even injury resulting in death.
  • You agree to carefully follow the Iwama Ryu Aikido Online Dojo training instructions and rules for etiquette and safety at all times during your practise.
  • You are not required to perform any techniques or practice in any situation which you consider to be unsafe, in which case you contact us with your concerns.
  • You acknowledge and agree that you are participating in Aikido practice freely and voluntarily and that you understand that there is an element of danger and unpredictability.  Accordingly you agree to hold the instructors, members and agents of Iwama Ryu Aikido Australia, Field Aikido and Kiko Pty. Ltd., free from any and all liability, either tortious or contractual, and to indemnify them for any loss of property or injury to yourself or any person, as a result of your practice of Aikido, no matter how caused.