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Create your own dojo or sign up to an existing one

Create your own dojo or join another

When you sign up you can select if you want to create you're own dojo and invite friend's to train with you. Or join an existing dojo, either one that your friend created or one in an area close to you.

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With expert instruction our system will take you through 1,011 open handed and weapons Aikido techniques with each technique having up to three different types of videos including videos showing Saito Sensei doing the technique, expert how to videos from Michael Field Sensei explaining the finer details or each technique and then modelling video's featuring Michael Field Sensei's top students doing the techniques allowing you to replicate the dojo environment where you can copy along with your partner.

Create your own dojo or sign up to an existing one
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All you need is decent broadband internet access, a device with a modern browser and enough space to perform the techniques for you to learn & train using our system.

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After you complete the required classes for each level you'll be able to submit video's for review to be graded and review by our expert instructors.

Do grading's on your way to 4th Dan

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